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Industrial grade mixed oil is also known as "swill oil" or "water oil", the production enterprise will restaurant waste oil (commonly known as "gutter oil") recycling, through precipitation and slag discharge, esterification reaction, decolorization, refining and other dozens of processes to reduce acid price, water impurities, sulfur content and other indicators, to meet export standards.

Industrial grade mixed oil processing belongs to the national key support of "waste resource reuse" industry, the processing of biodiesel high flash point, low sulfur content, high oxygen content, does not contain aromatic alkanes, combustion compared with traditional diesel can reduce about 40% carbon monoxide and 50% of exhaust emissions, greatly reduce PM2.5, and easy to transport and store, more in line with the requirements of sustainable development, is a model of "green renewable" circular economy. This move is not only conducive to improving the recycling of waste resources in China, achieving export foreign exchange earnings, but also conducive to avoiding "gutter oil" from returning to the table, ensuring food hygiene and safety, and has great development potential and market competitiveness.


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Company Profile

Founded in 2018, Nantong Haomeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the export of environmentally friendly clean energy raw materials.

The company has a professional foreign trade team to expand overseas markets.

The products are mainly industrial grade mixed oil, which is exported to the European Union, South Korea and other countries as raw materials for the production of aviation fuel oil, because of its low sulfur content in oil and fat, green environmental protection and other characteristics, favored by European merchants.


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